Farmrite Building Packages

Farmrite Building are specialist in sourcing and supplying materials for home building and our prices are incredibly competitive.

Below are some examples which may well change depending on elements like exchanges rates. They are also subject to delivery costs which can be confirmed at the booking stage.

Steel Building
60 x 30 x 12ft £4250 + vat
Treated timber purlins5 x 3” x 15ft£13.45 + vat
Treated timber purlins5 x 3” x 20ft£17.50 + vat
Treated Timber Purlins7 x 3” x 15ft£17.90 + vat
Treated Timber Purlins9 x 3” x 20ft£33.60 + vat
Treated Yorkshire Boarding 22mm x 150mm£0.93p p/lm
Galvanized Purlins170mm x 1.6mm £26 (15ft)
''''£34 (20ft)
Fiber Cement Roof Sheets£7.70 p/mt
GRP Roof Lights£8.80 p/mt
32/1000 Box Profile Sheets£2.06p p/sqft
Flashings£18 each
Fixings130mm x Fibre Cement Tech Screw£16 per 100
Timber Drive Nail110mm£11.25 per 100
SF/LS/HS Tech Screws£7.90 per 100

Steel Buildings... what we specialise in. We can advise you on what sort of structure would work best and then source and deliver to your exact requirements. 


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